History tells us of the Gaelic monks from Ireland and the western coast of modern-day Scotland, who re-Christianized Britain and Western Europe after the fall of Rome. They were wild people from a wild land, who harnessed their considerable passions and energies into Christian devotion.

Rather than undergoing complete personality transplants, the Gaelic monks disciplined their passions without extinguishing them. They retained their sense of rowdiness and their love of wild. They harnessed their love of drinking, singing and storytelling only to direct it toward their first love, Jesus. They practiced radically hospitality, welcoming all who came.

They were deeply shaped by their faith and saw the Trinity as a framework for all human interactions, highly valuing community, reconciliation and partnership. As a result, their monasteries weren’t the cold stone castles of the later Medieval period, but Christian villages of agriculture, study, safety and meaningful relationships.




Space is limited and is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve your place in the residency, you will need to have an approved application and submit a $50 deposit.

Total Investment to participate is:
$600 per resident ($50 deposit and (6) $100 monthly payments during the residency)

The transformative impact of these peer-to-peer coaching groups is largely based on the compatibility of the participating residents in the group who are asking similar questions. As you complete the questions, please be as candid as possible to help us assess your compatibility. Be as complete, yet concise, as possible. If you can say something in 25 words, don’t use 500. If you need 500 words, use them.

If you have any questions about the application process, please feel free to contact Bob Butler, Forge Chicago/Itasca Hub Director at or 630.806.9936

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