Learning to play a new tune, requires listening to those who play music everyday. At Forge, all our instructors are practitioners.

Learning to play a new tune, requires listening to those who play music everyday. At Forge, all our instructors are practitioners.

Vision for SMALL: Our vision is to encourage, equip and emphasize (E3) the kingdom building efforts of the small missional expressions throughout Chicagoland. These expressions are represented by small stand alone churches, micro churches, house churches and committed small groups who want to retake the block, neighborhood and community for Jesus.

Mission For SMALL: Our mission is to create incarnational missionary collective in Chicagoland through both established and new missional expressions.

Strategy for SMALL: Our strategy is to offer regular gatherings and shared knowledge of best practices to energize the local Kingdom movement. We will do this by:

Encourage: We will encourage the small church or incarnational missional leader by stressing the local ministries making a difference. We will strive to share resources and connections to strengthen ministry.

Equip: We will equip leaders and followers with tangible tools to expand the Kingdom. We will strive to offer the best apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, shepherding and teaching lessons both in person and online. The lessons will focus on the best practices for kingdom expansion through community development.

Emphasize: We will emphasize the needs of the existing small church and newer missional expressions by utilizing the forge network of training. We will consistently aim to help every willing individual become extraordinary missionaries for Jesus. We will strive connect ‘called’ individuals to training so as to foster their connection with a local outpost for God.

Outline of the Event

8:30am - 9:00 am Register and Coffee/Donuts Networking

9:00 am - 9:15 am Apostolic - Bob Butler presents Forge and the APEST leadership overview.

During this first session, Bob will introduce who we are, the idea of the missional expression, why small churches are uniquely positioned for the next great awakening and how each session will challenge and equip today and in the future.

9:15am - 9:45am Apostolic/Prophetic Transition - Brad Brisco presents the Paradigm shifts that have arrived or will be shortly to every church in America.

ReThink: Key Paradigm Shifts for Activating the Church

Every organization, including the church, is built upon underlying paradigms or assumptions. This is not the same thing as the church’s beliefs or theological systems. Rather the paradigm determines how an organization thinks and, therefore, acts. Paradigms explain and then guide behavior. If we try to restructure an organization but leave the original paradigms in place, nothing will change within the organization. Therefore, for real change to take place, we need to experience a paradigm shift or, in most cases, multiple paradigm shifts. In this training, Brad will present key paradigms shifts the church needs to experience when desiring to equip and activate all the people of God to engage in His mission.

9:50 am - 10:30 Prophetic - Larry Swets presents the idea of ‘Life Masterythrough a short presentation and life application.

During this session, Larry will share the strategies to recognize one’s calling and recognize the strategies to overcome the obstacles that keep individuals and organizations from achieving God’s creative purpose for their existence.

10:40 am - 11:20 Evangelism - Larry Helms presents ‘Evangelism for Everyone’

During this third session, Larry will share 4-5 common evangelism situations, his process for establishing conversation and lovingly leading people to a relationship with Jesus. Larry will close this session with a 10 minute question and answer to address specific situations.

11:30 am - 12:10 pm Shepherd - Peter Pereira presents transferable ‘House Church’ structure and characteristics to reach and connect to the culture.

During this fourth session, Peter will share his experience in reaching individuals using gathering, discipling and assimilating principles in a hostile culture.

12:20 pm - 1:00 pm Teaching - Joel Eggerding presents “Give Now. Give Later. Give & Receive

Joel will walk everyone through how each church and missional expression can be better stewards. He will describe a program of giving that benefits the church,  the people and causes most care about.

1:00 pm Bob closes with next event, survey and generosity suggestion