About the course

God is already at work in the everyday spaces of our lives. The places we live and the people we live alongside are important. In fact, these are the places and people God has sent us to. It is here that Forge wants to come alongside everyday individuals to inspire and equip them to join God in His redemptive mission. We do not want to extract people from their context rather we want to come to them. We are not sending people over borders and across seas, rather we are helping ordinary followers of Jesus realize they have already been sent to the places they live, work, or play. It is here in these places we want to equip people to make a Kingdom difference. So whether you are a full time student, a stay at home parent, a business-man or business-woman, an artist, an architect, a pastor or priest, etc.; this learning comes to you.

This missionary formation residency is 3 months in length and is broken into weekly sessions. In each session you will engage the online training, be challenged to take steps of action, and encouraged to reflect on you how are being formed through inspiration, information, and action. Additionally, you be provided with personal coaching and environments, either locally or virtually, for collaborative learning environments.

Who is this course for

  • Anyone looking to participate in the redemptive mission of God in the places they live, work and play.

  • Those willing to learn in community. We believe missional formation happens best in faith community. Ask a few friends to walk this journey with you.

  • Those who are who are longing to see their small group transformed into a community of like minded Jesus followers on mission together.

  • Denominational leaders, pastors, church planters, & leaders looking for a pathway to develop individuals into missional followers of Jesus and catalyze movement in their churches & communities

What you'll learn in this course

The residency is broken up into two themes:

1. Paradigm shifts necessary for missionary formation

Key Teaching Points Include:

    • Missionary nature of God

    • Missionary nature of the church - collectively & individually

    • Understanding the mission & participating in it

    • Jesus our guide for mission

2. Practices for Discipleship & Sustainability

Key Teaching Points Include:

    • Discipleship in the way of Jesus

    • Discipleship practices

    • Sustainability through missional spirituality

    • Sustainability through shared life/missional community

As a result of this course

  • You will have a significant paradigm shift around God, His mission, the Jesus of the Gospels, and your identity as missionary followers of Jesus

  • You will be formed into radical missionary disciples of Jesus.

  • You will be equipped to join Jesus in His redeeming work in the places you are already doing life. You life will become foretaste or glimpse of the Kingdom made tangible to those you rub shoulders with.

  • New things will be started in you and/or new things will be started in your community

  • You will see your small group transformed into a missional community

  • You will see movement catalyzed in your church and community

What you'll need for this course

  • 4 books for this course. These books are:

    • Shaping of Things to Come by Alan Hirsch & Michael Frost

    • Road to Missional by Michael Frost

    • Untamed by Alan & Debra Hirsch

    • Surprise the World by Michael Frost