All of our coaches have lived the ministry lifestyle. They understand the joys and the sorrows. They have been there, done that and received the T-shirt. They are practitioners who are willing share their experience, strength and hope so you can be a success to where you have been sent.

Robert Butler

Robert ‘Bob’ Butler

Missional Expressions, Coaching, and Leadership Mentoring

Bob considers himself a missionary striving to create relationships with the “none, done and undone” in the neighborhood, community and the nation. He moved to Itasca from Oswego in 2017. Bob is a former entrepreneur, national sales manager, lead pastor, author, outreach pastor, recovery speaker and church planter. Bob is passionate about re-imagining how the church (Big “C”) engages the culture with the message of Jesus. Bob is currently the lead pastor at The Community Center in Itasca, the director for RENEW and a board member for Impact For Jesus.

Personally, Bob has been married for 32 years. He has been on a number of short term international mission trips. He holds a Masters in Divinity from Northern Seminary and is an ordained minister of The United Methodist Church. He enjoys coffee, music, movies, reading, soccer, conversation, dogs and binge watching TV shows with his wife.

Ryan Hairston.jpg

Ryan Hairston

Forge America Movement Vision and Direction as well as Missional Leadership Training

“Forge is about slowly changing a posture & a paradigm, not adding new models and programs. We are about stirring imaginations, not simply dispensing theological information.”

Peter Pereira.jpg

Peter Pereira

International Missions, South Asian Leadership, Coaching and Leadership Mentoring

Peter has been on mission for over 25 years both internationally and locally. He has overseen the planting of over 900 house churches and more than 3000 ministry leaders. He currently leads Hope for Today and supports the The Center as a community leader and shepherding pastor.