Learning Communities

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Offering residency, internship as well as ‘Lunch & Learn’ events for everyone sensing a divine call on their lives.


Our Forge Chicago Hub at The Center in Itasca offers a missionary formation residency and is connected to our larger movement. Forge Chicago residency was formed to offer missionary training to individuals who are in Northern Illinois. Our Forge Chicago Hub has a team of volunteers that partner with local churches, organizations, and colleges to empower and equip everyday men and women to join God in His redemptive mission in the places they're already doing life.

The Approach
We invite the participants (or residents) on a 6-month learning journey to explore the essential paradigms for missionary formation & practices of mission discipleship and sustainability. On this journey, the group of participants are offered peer to peer learning environments, learning from missionary practitioners from around the world, coaching, and a learning pathway filled with the most up to date content & curriculum.

The Participants
Who are the people best-suited for the online residency? The Forge training experience is designed for anyone—a bishop or a bartender, a mechanic or a mom.  A resident could be someone who…

  • Burns to see lives transformed outside the walls of the local church.

  • Desires to be trained to understand and live a mission-shaped way of life.

  • Wants to be a revolutionary follower of Christ right in their own neighborhood.

  • Feels a sense of calling, but doesn't necessarily feel called to conventional vocational ministry or seminary.

Lunch & Learn

The lunch & learn communities are one day events where leaders and practitioners come together to share experience, strength and hope with each other. We offer these opportunities quarterly and are usually first announced on out facebook page.


We understand our mission to be the ‘sent ones’ with the goal of alerting our community to the rule and reign of Jesus.  We accomplish our mission by overtly and covertly partnering with domestic missionaries to establish multiple missional expressions operating in concert to reach those in need of redemption over condemnation, transformation over conformity and restoration over religion. We envision people becoming connected to the The Center through learning from one another, supporting one another and growing relationally and spiritually.

To accomplish this objective, the team believes a ‘disruptors’ mindset is needed to creatively re-think every aspect of what we call ‘church’. A ‘disruptors’ mindset focuses on innovation to deliver greater value for good and services we already want or need. For example, Amazon has disrupted the way we investigate and purchase products, forcing traditional retail outlets to consider their value and the end user to the evaluate the cost of convenience. We believe the primary gospel message has not changed but every aspect of the culture has. Therefore, innovation is happening and continually being refined. The ever increasing number of Christian podcasts, videos, ebooks and streaming updates offer proof to the ever changing landscape.

The keys to success in this type of environment are: understanding the core issues, providing creative solutions of value and developing flexible sustainable model for the long term.

The Internship Program is designed to provide the exposure, experience, and education necessary to build a foundation for your calling to be sent people

Community - Build community beyond the local church, with the opportunity to participate in a small group of others who are striving to alert the world to the rule and reign of Jesus Christ.
Outreach - Be a part of changing the lives of others in our community by serving with our outreach organizations partners
Mentorship - Sharpen your gifts and talents and push past your comfort zone through one-on-one development with our APEST LEADERSHIP TEAM


We are looking for individuals who take ownership of tasks within a department and gain confidence through hands on leadership. We are also very interested in providing the ‘real’ incarnational missional experience in a suburban/urban context.


Teachings - Learn directly from the leaders and staff the orthodoxy of domestic missionaries on topics that will stretch, grow, and equip you to succeed.
Bible Study - Create intentional time with God in the midst of a busy schedule by participating in a weekly, intern-led Bible study.
Culture Teachings Engage in special culture teachings, messages, and internal staff teachings .


We offer internships in: Community Outreach, Corracle Development, Worship, Events Management, Facility Management, Creative Team Assistance and Teaching Leadership.

Weekly Schedule:

The majority of your time as an intern will be spent in your assigned area developing and implementing the tasks agreed upon. You will also have the opportunity to complete other departmental assignments and projects when needed while gaining valuable ministry experience. Additionally, each intern will participate in various weekly activities and assignments within the intern program to encourage teamwork and camaraderie in your class.